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They Talk about I.D. Swiss

Skinminimalism' strips beauty back to the bare minimum

According to the Harvard Medical School, the average woman uses twelve different beauty products every day, between cleansers, fragrances and makeup to name only a few. Creating a beauty routine that only involves a couple of products, which are proven to be both efficient and chemical-free, is the pared-down recipe for healthy, natural skin. "We really wanted to simplify the life of consumers and rationalise their choices because we realised that people were completely lost in the amount of products on the market," says Cedric Rimella, CEO and Co-Founder of natural brand I.D. Swiss Botanicals which offers a range of only four basic products made out of CBD. "Our products are filled with attractive actives that work well together and are easy to use, transport and understand." Read more

Babylon Sciences launches cosmetics and fundraising

After a growth that was driven by its production of smoking flowers, the Vaud-based company is preparing a multi-million round of financing. Its goal: to boost its most recent brands.

The production center focuses on legal cannabis with a low content of the euphoric substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It should be noted that from the middle of May, pilot tests on recreational cannabis will be authorized by an ordinance, throughout Switzerland.

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Make yourself beautiful

Antioxidant, soothing and regenerating: the supposed virtues of CBD for the skin have led Babylon sciences, a Lausanne-based company active in the research and development of CBD-based products, to launch a few days ago the I.D. Swiss Botanicals cosmetics range. The four products that make it up (moisturizer, serum, mask and night cream) are suitable for all skin types, thanks to biotechnology. Composed of 99% natural ingredients, such as shea butter and Kakadu plum, they all contain Swiss cannabidiol and organic hemp oil.

CBD: our new daily organic ally

Babylon Sciences is the second company that uses CBD for its many benefits but this time at the cosmetic level. Antioxidant, soothing, regenerating, your skin will thank you for giving it time.

The Lausanne-based company specializes in the research and development of CBD-based products and therefore knows exactly what will suit your skin. The products of the brand ID Swiss Botanicals are suitable for all skin types and are composed of 99% natural ingredients: shea butter, Kakadu plum, Swiss cannabidiol and organic hemp oil. You can find four products: moisturizer, serum, night cream and mask.

Beauty with CBD

I.D. Swiss Botanicals? It's the new Swiss cosmetics brand that's been buzzing. The four products of the label have formulas composed of 99% of natural ingredients including CBD, the flagship active of the range. We tested the effects.

For a few years now, hemp cosmetics have been on the rise. It must be said that the benefits of cannabidiol on the epidermis are truly amazing (this is not a bad pun). Let's make things clear right away, we're not talking about psychotropic effects of course, but hydrating, anti-inflammatory, regenerating or anti-oxidant virtues. This is in any case the observation of Babylon Sciences, a major player in the research and market of CBD in Switzerland, which launches I.D. Swiss Botanicals, its first range of cosmetics. Composed of more than 99% natural ingredients and containing its exclusive CBD Beauty Complex®, which increases the dermatological benefits of CBD tenfold, I.D. Swiss Botanicals formulas are based on biotechnology to offer quality products suitable for all skin types.

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The cream of the new care !

This spring, we were tempted by a new complete, local and natural range developed by Babylon Sciences, a major player in hemp research in Switzerland: I.D. Swiss Botanicals. Composed of more than 99% natural ingredients and containing the exclusive CBD Beauty Complex ® which increases tenfold the dermatological benefits of CBD, this new range is based on biotechnology to offer products suitable for all skin types. We fell for the colorful packaging inspired by the Swiss mountains! With our crocodile skin, we opted for the Intense Hydration Serum that we combine with the Nourishing Night Cream. Both contain the exclusive CBD Beauty Complex ®, organic shea butter, marine biotechnology ingredients and hyaluronic acid. Their benefits? 121% of immediate hydration and a plumped up, supple and relaxed skin from the next morning. A perfect care for a deep and immediate hydration!

Bright - 100% Swiss

This face cream with CBD extract, made of 99.4% naturally derived ingredients, will deeply moisturize and even out the skin. And moreover, it is a Swiss brand!


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