How to take CBD oil?

How to take CBD oil?

How to take CBD oil?

It is best to pour CBD oil directly under the tongue. Under the tongue is the oral mucosa, so your body can absorb it quickly and it gets to the right places. Optionally, you can drop the CBD oil on a spoon first so you can see what you are doing.

For best effect, follow these steps: 

  1. Always shake the CBD bottle well before using it. 
  2. Pour in the CBD oil. 
  3. You wait 60 seconds.
  4. Swallow the oil.
  5. You can rinse your mouth with water if necessary. It is not mandatory, but it can make the experience more pleasant.

Some people also pour the oil over bread, yogurt or a teaspoon of honey to mask the taste. This can't hurt, but it doesn't give your oral mucosa time to fully absorb the CBD. After all, you don't leave the oil under your tongue for a while before swallowing it. It is best to place it pure under the tongue. If you find the taste a little too intense, you can use aids at first. You will slowly get used to the taste, after which you can switch to pure CBD oil.

Dosage of CBD oil

Let's cut to the chase: the right CBD oil dosage is different for everyone. You can determine a CBD oil dosage based on weight, but that excludes so many important indicators. There are quite a few points that influence the need and if you are sensitive to this substance. 

For example, consider:

  • The degree of stress you are feeling at the time.
  • Your state of mind. A negative state of mind requires more energy.
  • Your lifestyle. For example, do you exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat healthy?
  • Some medications you take regularly or sporadically.
  • Your diet. Do you eat a little healthier or a lot of junk food?
  • How sensitive are you to supplements?

One moment CBD oil may work well, while the next time you may feel nothing or not feel the same. There are so many indicators that have an influence. So the "correct" dosage differs from person to person and often from time to time. As with all other supplements. 

Listen to your body
But don't be sad. By trying different amounts, you can discover what works for you. Even if you are more stressed and/or busy for a while, sometimes it helps to increase the dose slightly. Do what works for you and listen to your body - that's the most important message.
For example, a good starting dose is...

Of course, there are guidelines you can use to determine a starting dose. For example, you can start with one drop in the morning and one drop at night. Then you can slowly increase the dose. Leave a few days between each increase, so you can feel how your body reacts.

How fast can you increase the number of drops of CBD oil?

The most important tip is to listen to your body when it comes to dosing CBD oil correctly. Listening to your body and seeing how you react is not possible if you increase the dose too quickly. That's why it's important to leave a few days between each increase. This way you give your body time to adapt and react.

Why in oil format?

The oil is absorbed by the oral mucosa because it flows under the tongue and is left to act for a while before being swallowed. It therefore takes effect quite quickly. Sometimes within 20 minutes. It is true that by this way, the CBD oil also leaves the body more quickly.

When is the best time to take CBD oil?

It is best not to take CBD oil at one time of the day, but to spread it out over several times. Since this supplement is absorbed faster by the body and also leaves faster, it can be beneficial to spread it throughout the day. This way, you will benefit throughout the day.

What happens if I take too much CBD?

We always recommend gradually increasing the amount of CBD oil. An overdose of CBD is very unlikely. However, if you are considering an extremely high dose (more than 20 drops per shot), discuss it with your doctor.

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