Follow us behind the scenes of the ID NEW FACES campaign!

Follow us behind the scenes of the ID NEW FACES campaign!
9H00 - Set up of the Set 

It's the D-day! We are back at the Fédéral studio in Geneva for a new day of shooting. This time, the project we're shooting is a little bit special since it's the ID NEW FACES campaign.

If you follow us on social networks, you may have noticed that we have been looking for our future muses for several weeks. After having received about a hundred applications, we finally found them. The big winners are Arame, Naomé, Yacine and Jessy. A special mention to Nina, the apprentice from Fédéral Studio that we spotted during the lighting tests, and who joined the casting at the last minute for our greatest happiness!

As soon as we arrived, the whole team started to prepare the set and this is no small task! This step is crucial because once we find the right angle and the light, we will be able to run the day correctly and apply the method for each mannequin.

12:30 - Lunch break with Chef Mantelli

We were privileged to have Chef Mantelli come to the studio to prepare lunch for the entire team. He spent the morning concocting a variety of dishes and side dishes, all created with delicious seasonal vegetables and local products. During the meal, everyone was able to get together to discuss and share their impressions, experiences, journeys... After a small glass of wine and a tasting of good cheeses, everyone got back to work!

1:30 pm - Campaign materialization.

After lunch, our muses took turns behind the camera. They all followed the same process:
- A photo of their face with the glass mask
- A photo of their hand with the products
- A video

Everyone was also able to take part in the interview exercise that Salomé, our content manager, had planned. After many laughs, everything is in the box and will be released very soon on the social networks of I.D. Swiss Botanicals.

The day was a success overall and we can't wait to show you the results of this crazy project! The I.D. team would like to thank Federal Studio for their warm welcome and great work. Also, we would like to thank Yann Matelli for the delicious lunch and finally, a big thank you to our muses who gave us a result worthy of professional models! Welcome to them in the I.D. Swiss Botanicals adventure!

See you soon for the launch of the campaign!

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