Rose Trip Morocco - Journal

Rose Trip Morocco - Journal

Episode 1: 

For the first time this year we are proud to support the Rose Trip Morocco event. 

Rose Trip Morocco is a 100% female orienteering trek that will take place from October 27th to November 1st 2022.

"Equipped with a compass, a map, a topographic protractor and a good pair of hiking boots, the women will tread the great desert and wild spaces of Morocco. During five days, including three days of stages, entirely dedicated to letting go and a total change of scenery, the teams will live an exceptional initiatory experience.

The Rose Trip Morocco trek is accessible to all. The only prerequisite is a strong mind as a faithful ally to go to the end of this adventure, whatever your physical condition.

Solidarity will once again be at the heart of the event, like all other Désertours events. The Rose Trip Morocco solidarity trek will collaborate on this edition with the associations, Enfants du Désert and Ruban Rose. Each participant will also be able to decide to commit to solidarity actions during her edition."

Stay tuned on our channels to follow the Rose Trip Morocco adventure! And above all we send all our strength to the participants of this 2022 edition!

If you ever feel like participating in the 2023 edition, we invite you to go directly to the event's website!

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