What are the next steps for neurocosmetics?

What are the next steps for neurocosmetics?

Recent developments in the field of neurobiology to explore the connection between the skin and the brain are just the beginning of the exciting journey of neurocosmetics. The future of this field looks very interesting as new tests and research findings emerge regarding both the potency of individual ingredients, dosing and the individual characteristics of skin care users.

Different streams of research are underway to determine:

  • the most effective natural ingredients that could be used to formulate neurocosmetics
  • the penetration of neuroactive ingredients through the skin tissue
  • consumption of neuroactive ingredients by sublingual and oral routes
  • the combination and dosage of ingredients to obtain the most optimal results
  • other factors that influence effects and efficacy, such as personal skin DNA.

As neurocosmetics make their way into the mainstream cosmetics industry, beginning to appear on the shelves of international retailers, as well as accessing customers through online stores, the demand created will fuel investment in this area. Customers looking for greater efficacy and treatment of the causes rather than the symptoms of skin imperfections are much more likely to try neurocosmetics, especially those based on natural ingredients.

Some brands, like I.D. Swiss Botanicals, are taking a bolder approach by building organizations with neurocosmetics as DNA rather than as an interesting product addition. Enriching already potent serums containing hyaluronic acid or vitamin C with neuroactive ingredients such as CBD, Scots pine extract and others is the path to increased adoption of neurocosmetics by a wider population. Increasing anecdotal and laboratory evidence of the combined function of wellness, sleep quality and skin will support new product development as consumers search for the ideal skin care products.

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