CBD oils and sleep

CBD oils and sleep
Emotional and mental health issues are a growing problem, and all too often can have a devastating impact on the health and well-being of those who suffer. Fortunately, people suffering from stress and anxiety have provided positive evidence of using CBD oil to help supplement the treatment of their symptoms.

CBD is thought to have this ability by working within the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the nervous system. The purpose of our endocannabinoid system is to balance and regulate our bodies to maintain homeostasis, making its compatibility with our endocannabinoid system an amazing discovery on the road to understanding how CBD works and its potential therapeutic uses.

Emerging scientific research has solidified these claims, suggesting that CBD may have the ability to regulate the body's serotonin levels by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to produce potentially antidepressant effects. Serotonin is a hormone that stabilizes our mood, impacts our feelings of happiness and well-being, and also plays a role in factors such as appetite, digestion and sleep. In addition, it is thought that CBD's role within the ECS system may have the ability to reduce high levels of cortisol, the body's stress hormone.

Since sleep problems such as insomnia are a common side effect of stress and anxiety, reducing the symptoms of the cause is thought to improve the quality of sleep for users.
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