Skin Stress Balancer, the CBD soluble powder serum to mix with your beauty products


Formulated with 99.4% natural ingredients, Skin Stress Balancer is an innovative powder serum. Just like some skincare boosters, which invite vitamin D or self-tanning into our cosmetics, it allows you to add CBD to any formula... as long as it contains water. This serum

anhydrous needs aqueous agents to dissolve perfectly: it cannot be mixed with oil.

Its instructions in 3 steps:

- Apply a small amount of care to the back of the hand.

- Apply 2 to 3 doses of the powdered serum and mix.

- Apply the whole to the face (the operation can be repeated morning and evening)


Skin Stress Balancer contains a unique ingredient: CBD VectorS. It isolates, in lecithin and hemp oil, CBD, pine extract and

vitamin E. This process of double encapsulation confers a stability such as the effectiveness of cannabidiol is multiplied by 10, compared to a simple

identical dose of CBD.

INCI list: isolmalt, aqua, cannabis sativa seed oil, pentylene glycol, pinus cembra wood extract, lecithin, cannabis sativa leaf extract, cyclodextrin


A protection against UV, pollution and chemicals that limits


The objective of these active ingredients? To limit inflamm'aging, a slow inflammation that accentuates the premature aging of the skin. Promoting the protection

The Swiss serum reduces skin sensitivity by 67.5%. It also boosts by 56% the

the antioxidant effectiveness of vitamin E alone. According to I.D. Swiss Botanicals, its flagship active ingredient, CBD, also enhances the regenerative capacity of

by 30%, reduces wrinkles by 28% and regulates the microbiome.